Why the Japanese don’t buy bitcoin from North Korea

Japanese buyers of bitcoin have been a minority for years.

But that trend has picked up steam in the past few years, and now it is growing even faster.

 As of October, Japan’s bitcoin exchange market was valued at $6.5 billion.

That’s up from $4.4 billion in December of last year.

It is the second-largest market behind the US, and the largest for Japanese citizens outside of China.

But as Bitcoin.com reported, Japanese consumers are increasingly turning to digital currency for everyday purchases, including food.

In October, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced that it would start accepting bitcoin as payment for a variety of services, including rent and food.

That included a vending machine that allows people to accept bitcoin for rent payments.

The vending machine was launched in July at a cost of ¥5,000 ($100).

“The purpose of vending machines is to introduce consumers to digital currencies,” said Tatsuya Nakano, vice president of business development at the Tokyo-based company Kintaro, which has a vending business.

“In order to understand how digital currencies work, consumers need to understand that digital currencies are not issued by a government or any other organization.

They are digital assets.”

This isn’t the first time the Japanese government has used vending machines to help consumers purchase digital goods.

Last year, it also introduced a vending device to buy digital goods, which was launched on the same day the government began accepting bitcoin for payments.

According to the Japan Times, the vending machine will allow people to buy goods from their smartphones, including online shopping.

The vending machine allows people in Tokyo to purchase digital products online and in-store at a low cost, but the government says the technology will not be used to make purchases at retail stores.

Kintaro said that the company was not aware of any instances where vending machines were used to buy bitcoin.

“Our vending machine can only accept digital currencies as payment,” said Nakano.

“It will not accept bitcoin as a payment method.

We are working to expand the business to other cities in Japan.”

Japan has been seeing a steady rise in bitcoin prices, which have been on the rise in recent months.

In October, bitcoin’s value was trading at around $11,600.

Now, it’s trading at about $14,000.

The Japanese government is still not sure if it will issue a regulation to regulate the virtual currency.

It’s not the first country to ban virtual currency exchange, though, and it is likely that other countries are considering similar moves.

In March, the US Senate passed legislation that would make it illegal to “circulate” or “migrate” bitcoin to another country.

The legislation would make any exchange “that trades in or transfers virtual currencies” liable for US sanctions.

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