How to make your own flexible circuit board with the help of a friend

A friend who is interested in learning to make her own flexible circuits told me she had a circuit board she wanted to try.

It was about the size of a coffee mug, and she told me it was perfect for making simple circuit boards.

The idea of having a board like this was exciting, and it was even more exciting when I saw that it was available for purchase at a local electronics store.

The next day, she brought it to me and told me I would have to get a few more things right.

 First, the board was a lot smaller than I was used to.

She told me that this is the first time she had ever made a circuit with this sort of size.

In fact, she told my coworker, she never had a board that small before.

Second, she had to use glue. 

After a few minutes of painstaking work, I was able to attach the circuit board to the other side of the coffee mug and it worked perfectly.

Third, the circuit she made had a lot of little pieces that I could use as stand-ins for buttons and switches, but not for other circuits. 

The circuit she wanted was for a flashlight that she wanted a little extra height for.

After all, the light on the circuit is actually connected to a switch on the front of the circuit, which I needed a little more height for the button. 

I found that by just using the same size pieces of the board, and glue them together, the lights worked perfectly in the dark.

Fourth, the other circuit she needed a bit of extra height on the back of the cup, which meant that the button on the cup needed to be placed higher up on the light board.

And finally, because the light is attached to the back, there was no need to remove the back cover.

The circuit was still quite light, so I used a piece of tape to hold it together.

When I removed the tape, the rest of the light assembly was still attached.

After a bit more work, the back had been completely soldered and the circuit was ready to go.

I started by using a glue gun to attach a few pieces of wire, and then attached the circuit to a spring, which was used as a springboard for the light to swing from.

Then, I used the glue gun on the board to attach it to a metal pole, which is used to pull the circuit on and off. 

Finally, the final step was to connect the circuit back to the switch on top of the dark circuit.

The light was installed using a 3mm diameter plastic hook, and was placed on the switch.

It is now set up to turn on and start working.

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