How an 18-year-old kid from Kansas went from ‘sensational’ to ‘iconic’ circuit board to viral sensation

The story of an 18 year old girl from Kansas, who went from “sensationally sexy” to “iconic” circuit board. 

On February 9, 2017, the young woman tweeted a photo of her circuit board which had been created by a student in Kansas named Jessica. 

After receiving hundreds of comments from people all over the world, Jessica decided to put it on Instagram to share the creation with the world. 

The tweet, along with other viral moments like the “Super Bowl” photo, have now become a part of the circuit board meme phenomenon.

“The #CircuitBoard is just a collection of the world’s most iconic circuit boards, with the hashtag #Circumstance,” Jessica said in an Instagram post on February 9. 

“I wanted to share my amazing work to celebrate and honor the #CircuitsInspiration, so I created a collection that has grown from my school and school project into an entire circuit board museum.” 

The collection includes circuit boards created by Jessica, as well as the original, hand-crafted circuit boards from her school project. 

She said the collection will include a collection for “people to have a few moments to enjoy the works of artists and designers”.

“I hope that the collection inspires others to have some fun and to be inspired by art, design, design and art,” Jessica added.

“Circuit boards are such a unique part of our culture.

We can’t seem to capture it, so why not share the beauty and beauty of this beautiful art form?”

The story of Jessica’s creation has taken on a life of its own, with its viral appeal being captured by other circuit board memes.

Circuit board meme: Jessica’s collection The first viral image of Jessica on Instagram, which has since become a viral meme.

Jessica said the original circuit board collection was a project that she and her friends and family did together.

She said she had been drawing circuit boards and stickers for about five years and was inspired by the different art styles and styles of the people around her.

“I was drawn to the beautiful artwork that I was able to find on the internet, and the way the circuits looked and the patterns on the circuit boards that I could create,” Jessica told ABC News.

“It was like a puzzle.

You have to try and figure out what is it and why is it there, and it took me a long time to figure out.”

Jessica’s collection was created after she posted a picture of her original circuit boards on Instagram with the caption: “Circuit Boards from a school project in Kansas.

Jessica is excited to share this collection with you.” 

Within days, Jessica’s circuit boards had been shared across the world on Instagram and was picked up by other circuits.

One of Jessica and her classmates who shared the circuitboards, Jordan, told that she found the project to be “very creative” and “very educational”.

“They are definitely some of my favorite circuit boards around the world,” Jordan said.

Jordan said she was inspired to create the circuit collection by Jessica’s reaction to her first circuit board creation.

“She said it was really cool and unique, and she was really happy that I had a collection like that,” Jordan told

The “Circumstant” collection In February 2018, Jessica shared a photo with the message: “The #circumstant collection is inspired by @jessicamajone who drew this #CirculumBoard.”

Jessica then shared another photo, with a caption: “#circumstence I have a collection to share.

The #circuitboard is inspired.

I am very inspired.

This is a collection about the history of the @CircuitboardsInspiration.


The following month, Jessica posted a photo on Instagram of her collection. 

According to Jessica, the collection was the result of a collaboration with Jordan, her friend, and fellow classmate, Emily.

Emily, a senior in college in Kansas, and Jessica, were all inspired to come up with the circuit designs after learning about Jessica’s work in a school assignment.

“The whole idea was to have them be inspired to draw something unique and original and have a conversation with someone,” Emily told ABC news. 

Emily and Jordan then collaborated to design the collection, which included a selection of circuit boards.

“We wanted to do something really original and different,” Emily said.

“We wanted it to be like something a kid might do with their friends or family.

We wanted it be a little bit of fun and a little different.”

The collection is one of many circuit board creations created by other students and their teachers.

On the other hand, some of the “Circle Boards” from the collection have been shared widely on social media, with people from all over social media commenting on

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