How to fix a sock problem

The problem is the sock fabric is stretched too much in the fabric pocket of the sock, causing it to collapse.

A little tugging or twisting the sock will usually fix the problem.

If you can’t find a solution to the problem, the next best thing to do is to cut the sock in half and stitch it together with a thread protector.

If you want to buy a replacement sock, you can buy one for about $5.00 at a department store.

The repair article I’m going to try to do here is to stitch a second sock together using the same fabric.

This will give you two sets of socks.

I’m making the second sock with two separate pieces of fabric that are the same thickness.

The first sock is going to be cut in half, leaving a long tail to sew together.

The second sock is made in half. 

To sew the two socks together, I’m using a machine called a double stitched stitch (or double stitch, as I prefer to call it).

The stitch is attached to the stitch on the left, and to the stitched edge of the second piece of fabric.

I’m using my sewing machine to stitch the right edge of both of the halves of the fabric together.

I then press the stitch to the edge of each sock.

This is the stitch that goes through the back of the right sock, where the seam is.

I am pressing the stitch into the back to make sure that the fabric is going through the right side of the piece of material.

I’m not sewing the stitching right to the edges of the two halves of fabric, but I’m holding the stitch down so that it will be tight.

Next, I fold the seam on the right half of the material over the stitching on the other half.

Once the fabric has been folded over, I will then press that folded seam into the stitching to make a seal.

Finally, I stitch the seams closed with a machine stitch.

I use the machine stitch to attach the seam and seal the stitch.

These two socks are now complete.

Now you will have a pair of socks that are perfect for when you need to be wearing a sock without having to wear the sock all the time.

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