Apple to build new battery with 3D-printed components for next-generation iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

By: Sam Neill and Anil KakadeSource: BloombergArticle by Sam Neills and Anirak KakadeApple will build a new battery from the 3D printed components that it has created to power its next-gen iPhone 7, the company announced Monday.

The new battery will have an “all-new, high-performance, super-lightweight design,” according to a statement by the company.

It will also include advanced materials and manufacturing processes that will help it last for years, the statement said.

Apple will use the new battery in a new iPhone 7 “iPhone 7 Plus,” which is expected to arrive in late 2018.

It also will make an iPhone 7 smartphone.

The company declined to provide any specific release date.

Apple is building the battery for the iPhone 7 in collaboration with two suppliers in China and the U.S.

The batteries will be manufactured in China by Nanjing Yifei and Nanjing Miei, both of which supply Apple, according to the statement.

Nanjing has the world’s largest 3D printing market and the largest market share in the battery industry, according the company’s website.

The battery was created by Nanjian’s team and its 3D printer, according, the companies said.

Nanjians manufacturing partners include Yifeu Manufacturing Co., a major supplier of industrial 3D printers, and Shanghai-based Wuxia Materials.

Apple has been using 3D technology to create a battery since the 1980s, and has a manufacturing facility in China, though it did not immediately announce any new hires.

Its battery was used in the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 5, and the company has made more than 60 iPhone battery designs.

Apple also has a battery manufacturing factory in Taiwan and the battery supplier for the Apple Watch.

In 2015, Apple opened a battery plant in China to make batteries for other Apple products, but the factory has not yet begun producing battery cells for the companys next- generation iPhone, according a report by Reuters.

Apple said in 2016 it planned to create 50,000 battery cells to power the next-stage iPhone 7 by 2019.

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