The new mic system at the heart of a new $1 billion video game console, is up and running in Toronto

A new video game system is finally coming to Toronto — a $1.9 billion megacorp’s first foray into the world of video games, but one that could be less about entertainment than it is about money.

The company behind it, Liftmaster, says it’s not looking to compete with the likes of Sony, Microsoft or Apple, but to bring the best of video gaming to Toronto.

“We’re building something that we believe is the best video game experience in the world right now,” said Liftmaster CEO Michael O’Connor.

“And it’s just as immersive as any game.”

The new $500 million Liftmaster video game hub will house all the components of the $2 billion Liftmaster Video Games and Entertainment (LGE) project, from the high-definition screen to the game controllers, and will include a custom-designed game room with a built-in gaming console.

But there’s another key component of the new gaming center: the liftmaster circuit boards that power the consoles.

The project, which was originally unveiled in December last year, will be built on a new system that lifts the controllers up to the consoles, and allows them to be held in place with a specially designed handlebar.

The system also includes a new game controller that sits in a custom controller rack, along with new sensors for game tracking, audio and video.

“This is not a high-end console, it’s a high end gamepad,” said LGE chief executive and founder Michael Osterholm.

“It’s a gamepad that we’re going to make that’s going to feel right at home on the console.”

LGE has been building the Liftmaster Gaming Hub for the past year, and it’s now ready to open to the public.

The $500-million project is expected to open by the end of the year.

It will be powered by Liftmaster’s new 6-kilometre long, 3-kilometer wide, 4-kilobyte high-density fibre optic cable.

It was built by LiftMaster’s existing Toronto manufacturing facility in the city’s west end, and has already been used to build two other high-profile gaming hubs.

“For the next 12 months, the Liftmasters new gaming hub will be home to more than 50,000 gamers who will play games on the consoles and other peripherals that are attached to the LGE project,” said Ostermalen.

“LGE is a game development studio, and we have a number of key partners in the industry, and our mission is to bring this technology to life.”

The game hub, which will also feature a library of over 150 games, is expected in Toronto in 2019, and the rest of the project will be completed by 2020.

LGE’s video game production hub will include up to 30,000 square metres of space, with all of the game consoles and peripherals in one large, modular building.

“Our main goal is to create a hub that’s the best gaming experience for gamers,” said Mike Leng, CEO of Liftmaster.

“So, we’ve designed this hub to offer an open, collaborative environment that can be shared with gamers from all over the world.”

Liftmaster says it has already sold over 2 million controllers to the city, with another 2 million to be sold.

The new hub is expected not only to help Liftmaster generate revenue, but also to attract more business to the new video games hub.

Liftmaster is already using its own game consoles to power the video game industry, but Oster said the new Liftmaster gaming hub is the first to offer a gaming solution that can support multiple hardware configurations.

“In order to support a wide range of hardware configurations, our new gaming system will support both full controller compatibility, and a variety of different gaming peripherals,” said Joe Sartore, vice-president of corporate communications for Liftmaster Canada.

“To date, Liftmasters gaming system has been used in a number and variety of gaming environments, including in live-streaming competitions, in-store demonstrations and in games for both mobile and console platforms.”

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